Miss K. Blah Blahs on...

This is my first blog, so bear with me, please! I thought I would

give you an idea on how I make the "la Femmes" as I call

them. OK...mannequin heads on a pedestal


I like to cover the foam head. Styrofoam isn't pretty, so I try to

cover it with paper or gesso or something! This is a new

sculpture I am working on. Here is the start. This time I have

covered the head with white tissue paper. It is

very wrinkled. I think it will add interest.

2. I have

sketched and

outline of her hair. I don't like the

idea of using a

wig or something.... it looks cheap

and cheesy. This IS

art even if the surface is a not

canvas...it is a type of

canvas. In fact, much harder to get

the styrofoam to

have an interesting texture and appearance.

3. Now to start the painting

process I think I am going for a

blond (gold metallic) bob,

4. So this is as far as I got and I

am liking the start.

5. A little more face paint. I was going to go with pale pink lips, but

darn if I don't like the bright red!

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