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One of a kind Hats and

Handmade Hat Stands

that match.  

Can be purchased separately. for prices and information

Red Rider

     Red Rider Hat Stand has a gold leaf base that looks vintage.  The lady has red eye shadow and red lips with black short hair.  Very rich looking and can sport any type of chapeau.


     The Hat is a rich red felt which has a card on one side and a charm pin on the other with two beautiful red rhinestone and gold charms included.  It also has a large red rhinestone pin with red and black feathers, gold and green.  The head band is a faux red snake skin.  You will be seen in this hat!

Price:  $65

tall black hat and stand_edited.jpg


     Diablo Hat Stand is approximately 36" tall and is black and white on a metal base.  The round bases are wood.  Her hair is a wispy black and she has red lips.  Very pretty face and looks like ceramic.

Price:  $100 

     The Hat is black felt with a XO tag one one side and a charm pin with card and feather on the other.  The hat band is black and white fabric with a studded suede tie.  There is stitching on the hat brim.

 Price $65.  



     Cinnamon Hat Stand is approximately 29" tall and is copper foil, antiqued as well as  turquoise blue bands around it.   She has a copper necklace on.  Her hair is copper red with brown eye shadow and orange lips.

Price:  $100 

     The Hat is a beautiful cinnamon brown with a large bull head rhinestone pin as well as a charm pin which includes two turquoise charms.  The hat bad is a studded rust band and turquoise suede band.  A horse head bolla holds it all together with feathers as adornment.  Bullet heads on the brim.  Very striking!!

 Price $65.  

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