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      I am originally from Memphis, TN and

north Mississippi. A few years ago, I was

able to move to the Pacific northwest. I

had gone there on business and to visit

friends a few times and felt "at home"

each time. I love the mountains, ferns

and even the moss. So, I packed up two

cats and a dog and headed out. It all has

worked out for me and I am now at home!

     My professional career started out as

a Fashion Illustrator (my best job ever)

and then went into Medical Illustration (I

was a member of the Association of

Medical Illustrators). I was promoted to

Advertising Director and then for the final

most unusual chapter of my career, I

was as an Artist and Designer for Elvis

Presley Enterprises.

     I now paint and create paper

sculptures that are fun for me. I am

influenced by the 1920's and feel that I

should have been in Paris during that

time so you will get the feel of that in

each of my paintings and sculptures. For

years, I have collected clothes,

accessories, hats, etc from that period. I

am also a big fan of vintage autos!

I hope you enjoy my art.

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Whimsicalglamorous, fabulous, fashionable, flashy, glorious, exciting, tantalizing, beguiling, chic, beautiful, intriguing, alluring, marvelous, exotic, vintage,

glitzy and elegant!

        Where will you make a statment??

Paintings and
mixed media Statement pieces

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